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Are there any advantages of reading the book before watching its film adaptation? Definitely Yes. Read the book is always better viewed movie. Why? Yes, because no limit your fantasies in special effects. Don't believe? Read the book and then watch the movie based on this book, and you will be disappointed in the film. There is no better Director and producer than your imagination. Another advantage of reading books is that the more you read, the less you are like others, you are less imitate others. Because you appear more worthy ideals to which we should emulate. This is a great generals, the kings of the world, or the noble robbers and fearless pirates. You are free to choose your image, not equal to the opinion of the majority. To go beyond the established society. Books teach us not just to live. Books teach us to be free from other people's opinions, prejudices. Teach freedom of thought and action. Only the book will help to reveal your individuality, understand your soul, to discover new talents. If you haven't picked up a book for 3 months is very bad. But much worse is to think that this is normal. Read books, improve yourself and your life.

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